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Agensys was originally established in 1996 as UroGenesys, with $8 million in seed money to develop novel gene-based therapies for prostate cancer. After further research, the name was changed to Agensys, and the focus shifted to gene discovery and the development of fully human monoclonal antibodies to treat solid tumor cancers in a variety of cancer targets. Agensys was acquired by Astellas in 2018 for $537 million.

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Allogene Therapeutics

Allogene Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: ALLO) is a clinical stage biotechnology company pioneering the development of allogeneic CAR T (AlloCAR T) therapies for cancer. Led by a world-class management team with significant experience in cell therapy, Allogene is developing a pipeline of “off-the-shelf” CAR T cell therapy candidates with the goal of delivering readily available cell therapy faster, more reliably and at greater scale to more patients.
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Cell Design Labs

Founded in 2016, Cell Design Labs was a biotherapeutics company based in California’s Bay Area that focused on developing immunotherapies that deploy proprietary molecular modules targeting cancer and other diseases. The company developed two proprietary technology platforms: an “on switch” designed to modulate CAR T-cell activity using small molecules, and a synthetic gene expression system designed to respond to external cues, whose applications include engineering CAR T cells that require dual antigen recognition for activation. Cell Design Labs was acquired in December 2017 by Gilead Sciences for $567 million.

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Cougar Biotechnology

Cougar Biotechnology, Inc. was a Los Angeles-based private biotechnology company established to in-license and develop clinical stage drugs, with a specific focus on the field of oncology – specifically, drugs for prostate cancer, breast cancer and multiple myeloma. Cougar’s lead product, abiraterone acetate (Zytiga), was approved by the FDA and the European Union for the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer in 2011. Johnson & Johnson acquired Cougar in 2009 for $970 million.

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Kite Pharma

Kite Pharma was founded in Los Angeles by Arie Belldegrun in 2009 as a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development of novel cancer immunotherapy products. In 2017, Kite received approval for Yescarta™, the first FDA approved CAR T therapy for the treatment of adult patients with certain types of large B-cell lymphoma. Kite was acquired by Gilead in 2017 for $11.9 billion. Today, Kite, a Gilead company, is a leader in developing and commercializing autologous chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR T) and T cell receptor (TCR) therapies for the treatment of cancer.
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Kronos Bio

Kronos Bio (NASDAQ: KRON), a Boston-based clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, is dedicated to the discovery and development of novel cancer therapeutics that are designed to transform patient outcomes by targeting dysregulated transcription. Leveraging industry-leading research into high-throughput screening strategies for chemical modulators of transcription factors and other challenging targets in oncology, Kronos utilizes its small molecule microarray (SMM) platform and extensive know-how in biological assay development to pursue novel therapies against some of the most important and intractable targets in cancer research.
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Neogene Therapeutics

Neogene Therapeutics, Inc. is a biomedical company, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, dedicated to developing next-generation T cell therapies that target mutated proteins (neo-antigens) in cancer. Neogene is developing a minimally invasive and scalable platform that will enable targeting of neo-antigens occurring in individual patients with fully personalized and genetically engineered “Designer T cells” that have been optimized to seek and destroy tumor cells based on neo-antigens.
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UroGen Pharma

UroGen Pharma Ltd. (NASDAQ: URGN) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing advanced non-surgical treatments to address unmet needs in the field of urology, with a focus on uro-oncology. The Company has developed RTGel™, a proprietary sustained release, hydrogel-based platform technology that has the potential to improve therapeutic profiles of existing drugs. UroGen’s sustained release technology is designed to enable longer exposure of the urinary tract tissue to medications, making local therapy a potentially more effective treatment option. UroGen is headquartered in New York with research facilities in Israel.
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IconOVir has developed a proprietary platform to create next-generation oncolytic viruses, which drive anti-cancer responses through rapid tumor killing and potent immune activation. IconOVir has a discovery pipeline of multiple differentiated oncolytic virus candidates that are designed to address limitations of current therapies by being potent and tumor-selective, having the ability to broadly infect tumor cells, and be administered intravenously.
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Founded in 2016, ByHeart is a fully integrated infant and baby nutrition company. It is dedicated to translating leading nutrition science and breastmilk research into evolved foods and formulas to support babies’ health and parents’ peace of mind. Their products strive to be next-to-nature – made from hand-picked ingredients using small batch blending – and sit at the forefront of immune, microbiome, cognitive and digestive health. The ByHeart community is starting a new conversation around “feeding,” because they believe in well-fed, no matter how you do it. ByHeart is here to empower parents everywhere to create a foundation of health for their babies’ lives to follow. They are world-class doctors, pediatric researchers, seasoned formula experts, dedicated blendmasters, and passionate parents. Above all, they are people who believe in feeding freedom, which means all parents have the very best choices – whenever and wherever they need them.
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Hubble is the first brand of contact lenses sold directly to consumers through an e-commerce, subscription-only model. Hubble is making daily disposable lenses affordable and convenient - important because daily disposable lenses are widely acknowledged as better for health and comfort. With Hubble, consumers don't have to choose anymore between overpaying and over wearing their lenses.
Real Estate
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Breakthrough Properties

Breakthrough Properties is a life science real estate development company that leverages cross-sector collaboration to deliver environments that foster innovation and scientific breakthroughs. It combines Tishman-Speyer’s decades of global real estate development experience with Bellco Capital’s industry-making biotechnology entrepreneurship to reimagine environments where companies can create life-changing therapies for patients. Breakthrough seeks to create and expand highly functional, well-located centers of excellence in the world’s key life science research centers.
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First Media

First Media is a global media company. Through social media platforms, digital, video, and cable television, First Media delivers targeted content to millennial women through their everyday go-to entertainment outlets. Its social platforms (Blossom, So Yummy and Blusher) have more than 80 million followers and over 1.5 billion monthly views across its social accounts, while its cable TV division operates the leading 24/7 linear baby network – BabyFirst – which is available in more than 120 million homes around the globe, in 33 countries and in 13 languages.
Agricultural Technology

Pontifax AgTech

Pontifax AgTech is a growth capital firm dedicated to food and agriculture technology. The firm manages over $450M in AUM from leading institutions, endowments and foundation. Pontifax sits on the intersection of life sciences, data/IT and the food and agriculture sector. The firm invests in businesses that improve the productivity, efficiency and sustainability of one of the most critical industries in the world.